Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy 11th Monthsary, Mahal!

I was searching the net for some valentine gift idea for my mother, and it landed me at Noemi's Blog. I read their love story, it's nice to be reading that kind of stories. And I saw the link to the contest. That's why I did this.... ~ to share my own story as well.

This is my entry for the Love Struck Writing Contest of Ms. Noemi Dado. Share to us your own love struck moment and enjoy.
Also, I wrote this for my Papa Bear, the love of my life.

Seven years ago, my High School English prof instructed us to write a story. So, I based mine from a love story I happened to read over the net. I never imagined that one day, right at this moment, I will be writing my own love story to share. I may not be a good writer, but for sure, my love story

Prior to this year, dated February 14, 2007, Angelo texted me at 5:00am telling me about some kind of major error I have done and he is requesting me to drop by his desk and talk about it as soon as he arrives. First break came and he asked me again if I can come over, so I did. He handed me a rose and a picture of mine that he printed. It was kind of odd but a sweet gesture for an officemate I haven't known well, nor I go out with.

Months before Valentine's 2007, I was from the 5th batch and Angelo's ahead of one batch among the newly hired employees. Aside from that, we are of different shift -- the reason why I don't know him much and no idea about him. As months pass by, rumors come up and finally my Supervisor announces that Angelo likes me.

After the Christmas Party 2006, Angelo started a move thru friendster. He started emailing me and that blooms to cyber friendship. He confessed how he secretly took a glimpse of me every time I pass by his desk when his shift has done and I'm about to start my work. He stated how destiny brought us together, if not because of his friends, he wouldn't apply there, and from all his friends, he was the only one who passed the test and got hired. The next step, we were smiling as we bump to each other. He just doesn’t know how to approach me.

Interruptions came along our way. First, I am not over yet with my ex-boyfriend and not in a hurry to enter another relationship; secondly, another guy from my shift is courting me, too; third, after our company transferred from Pasay to Makati, I rarely e-mail him due to restrictions; fourth, we are of different shift and circle of friends.

Patience is one of his virtues. Every day he writes a letter to me -- as if waiting for me to give him a chance, or just to go out sometime... He was so persistent and devoted. Every day he would drop by my table just to see me, with chocolates or he would leave flowers, sweet notes or any stuffs at my locker or at my desk to surprise me. He would also try to eat with me at the pantry even though we have different break time schedules and I go with my shiftmates. Sometimes, we stayed from dusk til dawn the and talk, i love it especially the way he cares consistently. He even knows my favorites and anything about me.

But I rejected him, or he just assumed it like that. Many times he insists me to go out even just once. At times, he cried for he thought I’m ignoring him. One time, he didn't come for work after crying the night before. I know it was my fault so on that same day, March 10, 2007, as he was about home from a badminton game, I texted him to come over to Quiapo. He doesn't have a load to text me so he asked the lady beside him to borrow her phone. From Las PiƱas to Quiapo, he came back to see me.

We sometimes spend some night together just being side by side, talking, about anything, sitting along Greenbelt, watching stars or cars passing by, feeling in love… It was a good feeling, and I sensed his wittiness and he’s also smart, easy-going person. We just talked and talked.

March 18, 2007, at 6:15am, after a night somewhere in Manila, he accompanied me until we got to our house. He's insisting me, "Ano na?" many times. I wanted him to go but he’s still insisting me. He knows there’s something. And I am so eager to tell him about something. I just don't know what to say, so I asked him, "Will you be my boyfriend?" And he definitely smiled.

We will be celebrating our first anniversary by next month, and we're so excited as ever. Looking back, I realized I made him cry oftentimes… I rejected him and dumped him coz I felt I don't like him that much, threatening him most of the time that I can break up with him whenever I wanted to, yet, he keeps on holding on to his love for me, cried many times, from South to North, he would patiently go to our home to see me and say sorry... He sticks to me like a bubble gum (that’s actually what he says). He never gives up. Rather, he patiently understands me, cares for me, finds any way just to be with me and protects me.. Especially right now that I am taking medications from having a lung infection, he is very cautious to me like a mother. He is just right beside me during those hospital times... Gradually, each passing days, I realized more that he is the one I've been waiting for (as what he stated from his letters, you can read the links). I was so grateful I didn't lose him. As my heart deceives me, for my mind says, he's the one.

Sometimes, you just don’t know who you’re going to love. Is it the person you’re waiting for? Or the one who loves you dearly. To love is an action. You choose who you WILL love. Regardless of appearance. It's more of attitude and character. And I saw those traits in my bf. He was more love struck than me before, and he always say, "Ako na lang ang laging humahabol sa 'yo". But I am now sure that I am more inlove, and for sure, he will be my partner until forever for endless reasons.


I can’t find the rights words to express every thing he has done for me and how many sacrifices he made just to make our relationship stronger. For me, he’s one-of-a-kind for being so consistent and true to his words. And I am so sure that every day we love each other more and more. I am so lucky of having him as a partner who is always there to guide me, willing to sacrifice just to serve me, who makes me smile so often, surprises me most of the time, writing me letters, learning about budgeting time and money, and most of all, he never ever forgets the promises he made before he became my bf - that is to care for me and protect me always. His love for me didn't change, rather, he became more matured who is learning more about responsibility and planning the future for our future family.

Letters from Him

Our relationship is never easy. We had our share of struggles and times of trouble. Lots of misunderstandings but as always, he patiently try to understand my mood swings, and solve problems. That's what's more important -- we made it together. We solve things before the day ends. And with him by my side, I am willing to face another problem (like in my health case, I'm under medication, and he's very supportive and caring to me) and I know that our future will be much brighter, more meaningful. Together, we will face all obstacles because we know our relationship can endure even the worst of times, as long as we love, share, and stay together.

And soon, we will prove to all as well as to ourselves that we are partners until forever. My heart belongs to him.

My Papa Bear:

- who never complains every day how far our places from each other. (He’s from South, I’m from North)

- who can be with me everytime I need him even he got no sleep yet, without any complain from him.

- who is patiently with me at this times of my life (i am under medication from an infection)

- who calls / text me from time to time during his work

- who help me out in doing household chores especially when I am sick or when he stays at home.

- who teaches me how to buy food at the market / grocery.

- who writes me love letters / cards.

- who surprises me even without occasions.

- who cooks food, especially breakfast then wake me up to eat.

- who wants us to do things TOGETHER – eating, brushing teeth, watching movies, etc.

- who doesn’t want me to do chores all by myself. He wants us to do it together

- who is concern of my attitude when I'm getting bad and scolds me.

- who gives compliment and encouragement when I am afraid.

- who makes me smile or dances when I am sad.

- who sings love songs for me, or dances with me.

- who is very gentleman all the time. (even to my parents and friends)

- who likes to be always beside me every time.

- who loves me so much even at my worst moods.

- who is very protective with what I am doing, if it’s too much or bad for me, vice versa.

- who is willing to eat ampalaya, even he hates that.


I love you, Mahal…. Happy 11th Monthsary (February 18)

I know you always remind me this past few days NOT to wake up too early… you even called en texted many times, coz you worry too much of my health.. Mahal, this is the reason, coz I’ve been working on our love story for you to read. I want to shout to the world how grateful I am I have you.

We are getting more matured and more committed. Thank you for accepting me as who I am. You have seen the real me – my attitude and character; my mood swings. (Especially these past few months as I am under a medical condition, I feel I'm getting well, coz you're beside me always.) Yet, your love has never been altered. Thank you for all the sacrifices, for everything. You worked hard for making this relationship more happier and stronger. I am with you, forever. God blesses us always.